10 Easy Steps to Updating Drupal

The following are 10 easy steps to updating Drupal. You need administrative rights to your Drupal website in order to complete these steps:

  1. Backup live website’s database and directories and files (e.g. in case you need to revert back to old website version).
  2. Download the recommended version of Drupal. (Typically, you are alerted via email per administrative settings.)
  3. Extract downloaded compressed file to “C:\wamp\apps” directory on your localhost. (Standard directory set up.)
  4. Upload all directories to live website, overwriting existing directories -- except for “sites” directory and customized files, such as, ".htaccess" and "robots.txt".
  5. Put website in maintenance mode (http://www.yourwebsite.com/?q=admin/config/development/maintenance).
  6. Browse to www.yourwebsite.com/update.php (“Drupal database update”). This will eventually run the update.php script and update the core database tables to the new Drupal installation.
  7. Select “Continue” button in Drupal database update webpage.
  8. The following or similar message should appear: “The version of Drupal you are updating from has been automatically detected.”
  9. Select “Apply pending updates”. Install process begins. If errors occur, they will be listed afterward.
  10. If no exceptional errors occur, select “site” link and put website back online. (NOTE: It's always good to review error log, regardless of whether errors are listed in "Drupal database update".