Creating Multicolumn CSS Websites in Visual Studio 2010

Back in the late 1990s, creating CSS Websites with multiple columns was at best a hack job. When it came to designing the user interface, I would use tables and nested tables … and more nested tables. Because the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) standard was only just becoming available in the latest version of Internet Explorer, designers really had no alternative but to use resource-demanding tables..

ASP.NET Website Navigation

ASP.NET uses an ASP.NET site map provider to display Website menus, and authorization controls to protect certain Web pages based on user roles. The following is an outline of the locations of navigation settings and controls:

ASP.NET User Management

The ASP.NET Membership and Roles services provide built-in code (from the ASP.NET object model) that is used to manage users and their roles. This code is accessed through several ASP.NET Login controls and methods.


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